Missy Moran StudioWelcome to my studio! Located at the heart of the Grand Lake district, this very unique historical building is sure to give you a giggle when you walk through its doors. My studio is on the second floor, and even with my regular studio hours, all of my services are booked by appointment only through the online booking system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system allows you to book up to 24 hours in advance. I do not take same day appointments or walk-ins.

Cancellation Policy: I value my time, as much as you value yours. I respect and honor the time we spend together, and it is very important to me. I understand that life throws us curveballs and at times, our schedules shift. Any cancellations made within 11 hours of your appointment, will be charged for 50% of the service booked.  If you call within an hour of your scheduled time, you will be charged 100%. Since I operate on a ‘by appointment only’ basis, my system will allow you to cancel or reschedule your appointment for up to 12 hours of your appointment time. (That’s an extra 12 hours from the time you get your text and email reminders!)

Running a tad late? Call or text me at (510) 697-1807, keep me in the loop and we’ll figure it out together. If you don’t keep in touch, and decide to arrive half way into your scheduled appointment time, you will automatically be charged 100% of the service booked whether or not the service was abbreviated or completed. Bust a "no call, no show" on me, and you will be definitely charged 100% for all the services you booked. I’ll show up for you, if you show up for me. Thank you for your cooperation!