Source Vital

Source Vital Products

I always said that the moment I owned my shop, I would carry Source Vital as my primary skin care line. It is organic, it is whole, it is natural and it feels amazing on the skin!

Source Vital Products

Source Vitál products are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness. A combination of the highest quality seaweed, plant extracts, and pure essential oils are used to formulate extraordinarily aromatic skin and body products. It “feeds” your skin the nutritional elements it needs to maintain the overall health, nutrition and wellness of the face and body.

From my collection of daily and deep pore cleansers, to moisturizers that hydrate and heal; to a collection of natural remedies that helps aid digestion to headaches to  heartaches; and a natural deodorant that is sure to graduate you to never rolling an anti-perspirant with synthetic fragrances on yourself again– Source Vital is my favorite go to line for all my holistic skin and body care needs. And I am most excited to share this amazing line for all of you to experience!



Glo Minerals

Glow Minerals Products


Glo minerals offers a mineral makeup system uniquely designed for skincare professionals like me, with a background in professional make up artistry and also with the intention of always offering skin nourishing make up that will cover, correct and protect the skin. Glo’s award winning makeup formulations deliver unsurpassed coverage, UV and environmental protection and an exceptional spectrum of mineral pigments. Talc-free and non-comedogenic, Glo minerals is my ideal choice for all and especially the most sensitive skin.

Benefits of Mineral Makeup:

What sets mineral makeup apart from traditional makeup is the absence of talc particles. Talc is used as a bulking agent in traditional makeup which allows cosmetic companies to create more product with less pigment. Essentially, this means less pigment per product which results in heavier application to achieve the desired color. Talc is also heavier than natural mineral pigment and will absorb into pores and facial lines more quickly, which can result in uneven coverage, as well as aggravate skin conditions such as acne and rosacea skins.

All of glo minerals makeup is talc-free. Glo Minerals pressed base is my favorite all coverage, all skin type, all around powder foundation. It allows the skin to breathe, it photographs beautifully and it protects the skin from free radicals and environmental elements that other foundations do not.

Glo Therapeutics

Glow Therapeutics


Glo Therapeutics is the partner skin care line to the Glo Minerals family. I am a big advocate for sun care and am adamant about the use of a healthy sun protection product as part of your daily routine. The sun care collection of Glo Therapeutics is the best I have found and feels like silky moisture goodness! For someone like me who is generally an oily skin type- I love the way this feels, by itself or underneath my powder foundation.

This collection of sun care products provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, its lightweight, oil free formula glides onto your skin smoothly and effortlessly. Perfect for all skin-types, Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+, Moisturizing Oil Fee SPF 40, and Sensitive Skin SPF 50 all combat dehydration and dryness for soft, flawless skin. This product’s ability to protect and nourish skin is truly unparalleled! I love it and my clients love it too!