About Me

I became a professional make up artist twenty years ago in San Francisco, California.  I knew then that making faces and helping people feel good was my "thing." It was what I wanted to do, it was what lit me up and it was what made me happy! I couldn't have asked for a better foundation and training! I worked with the most talented group of artists, for the best cosmetic make up company at that time, and I learned a whole lot about myself. It was exhilarating and it was a lot of fun! As I found my flow, I expanded my horizons in the beauty and wellness industry, and educated myself in holistic studies, skin care and aromatherapy in Houston, Texas. It was also there that I fell in love with wedding work and transitioned to becoming a full-time freelance make up artist.

In the mid-2000's, I moved to Las Vegas, received my esthetician's license, and worked as the resident make up artist and waxing specialist for two major hotels on The Strip, and was the primary make up artist for all destination weddings at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Las Vegas.

My time in the desert southwest allowed me to dabble in a good amount of commercial work, celebrity spotlights and creative endeavors in and around Los Angeles. It kept me busy and allowed me to try as many facets of the make up industry as possible. That time sharpened my technique, my skill and my speed, and gave me clarity on how I wanted to be of service next. 

I arrived back in the Bay Area early 2010 and it has been the happiest time of my life! Rooting myself in Oakland has been a joy and the most fun and fulfilling work I've done. I am clearer and happier than ever, and excited to share with you what I know now about beauty, skincare, overall wellness and LiFe! 

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