Everything I offer is designed and intended for the maximum 'feel good' experience. Whether you are coming in for make up, face & body waxing, a rejuvenating facial, or to have your brows shaped and curated, I am here to help you look good and feel better! I am here to support your wellness through a collection of products and services that you will love to love! Nothing is arbitrary and everything that surrounds you is created with love, for the highest good for all of you who come experience it.


Hi I am Missy, I am a make up artist, waxing specialist, curator of the perfect brow and the neighborhood's resident expert 'PHD' (pubic hair dresser!) I am also a skin care and an all-around wellness & feel-good coach.

I love to be the recipient and bearer of good news an advocate for self-full-fillment. I love seeing people feel good and be reminded of their own beauty. I am proud to have created a space for those who desire a place to relax, breathe, feel good about themselves and comfortable Being exactly who they are!

Founded in the summer of 2015, 'my little piece of heaven,' was the next logical step in the evolution of my life in the beauty and wellness industry. Located at the heart of the Grand Lake district, a large block north of Oakland's beautiful and historic Grand Lake Theater. The space was created for the purpose of higher wellness and upliftment for every  person who comes through my doors! Come on in for some MisMo goodness. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

*All sessions are booked by appointment only* 

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What is MisMO?


used to express affirmation. being exactly that, neither more not less. a strong expression of joy, pleasure or approval. that “yesss” from the innermost part of yourself. carefully distinct. alignment.