Missy Moran

Make up artist, waxing specialist, curator of the perfect brow, skin care expert, resident “PHD” (Pubic Hair Dresser) and all-around wellness coach.

I am an advocate for ‘self-FULL’-fillment. I love to be the recipient and bearer of good news. And I aim to uplift through my craft. I love seeing people feel good and be reminded of their own beauty. I am proud to have created a space for those who desire a place to relax, breathe, feel good about themselves, feel pretty and be comfortable Being exactly who they are!

Around here, my goal is to partner with you and help each other remember how good it is to feel good, and how much better it all is when we do. When we look good, we feel better, and when we feel better: we SHINE!


used to express affirmation. being exactly that, neither more not less. a strong expression of joy, pleasure or approval. that “yesss” from the innermost part of yourself. carefully distinct. alignment.